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The PAC Process is a vital step in your home building journey

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Most people dream about owning and living in their dream home, and many choose to build their homes to the exact ideas that they’ve had in their minds. A place where they can raise their children, grow old and perhaps hold large family holiday dinners. However, building a home has its own set of challenges and homeowners often find they didn’t get quite what they had envisioned for themselves.

They run into problems right from the outset and when they receive the keys to their dream home, they realise it has fallen short of what they wanted it to be.

A large part of this is because over the years it has become normal to engage a designer or architect first, finalise the design and then send out the plans out to builders for tender. But those free-of-cost tenders always come back with huge variants in detail and cost, leaving homeowners questioning the price differences and in most cases leaving them with a feeling of “whom can we trust”?

This ultimately leads to projects being compromised because of cost, which in turn drives down the quality of the final house. Not quite the dream anyone would hope for!

At iConstruct, we believe the best way to achieve outstanding results and getting quality projects built, is by planning ahead. In our experience, engaging both your design and building team during the planning phase, provides the best experience. This is where our PAC Process, or Paid As A Consultant Process comes in.

The PAC process is a professional service iConstruct provides its clients to act as a building consultant alongside the design team during the pre-construction phase.

We believe that for a project to be built successfully, the design or pre-construction stage is critical. Successful planning and consultation are key steps to ensuring a quality professional result is achieved. Planning and confirmation of design and finishes prior to construction, ensures variations are reduced significantly and the project can proceed on budget and on time.

We at iConstruct put the highest level of attention and quality to everything we do, and we take all phases of building your dream home very seriously.

An agreement to undertake the PAC Process is totally separate to the building contract. It is simply a value-added service in order to get your job and documentation ready for the building stage as quickly as possible.

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