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Our PAC Process

What is our PAC Process?

The Paid As A Consultant (PAC) process is a professional service iConstruct provides its clients to act as a building consultant alongside the design team during the pre-construction phase.

It is a separate, value added service that will prepare you for signing a building contract service and covers some of the costs associated with getting you ready to sign a building contract and for construction to begin.

Our number one priority during this process is to make sure we deliver the absolute best project possible for your budget.

There are three main focus areas during this PAC phase:

  • We work with you and your designer to ensure your dream design can be delivered within your budget
  • ‘Buildability’ – we ensure that whatever is designed can be built to code/ industry standards
  • Cost Analysis – we provide breakdowns of cost in certain areas to allow you to make educated decisions about inclusions and exclusions to your home.

What happens during the PAC Process?

We collaborate closely with your chosen designer and architect to provide you with all the required documentation and drawings necessary to take your home from concept to build. With all the documents in place, your chosen builder can formulate and present a detailed scope of work, construction timeline and cost analysis.

The process includes a number of services including but not limited to:

  • Existing property inspections
  • Design consultations
  • Project Proposal

Our aim is to provide a personalised, transparent, service that will give you the confidence and certainty to take your project from concept to completion with exceptional building standards, on time and within budgets

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